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Do you remember why you wanted your company to be public?  Maybe it was for the ease of raising capital, to gain public awareness for your company, attract a talented workforce, or just for the prestige of running a public company. 

Then along the way you didn't realize the time and expense of running a public company.  You had to make some tough decisions like not completing the company's audits, laying off employees, entering into toxic financing with bad market players, and now letting your OTC filings fall behind to end up with that unwanted OTC stop sign.   

Stop wasting time.  Pick up the phone and call us now so we can take the first step and get your OTC filings up to date.  With your OTC filings up to date you can:

  • Attract new investors
  • Restore investor confidence
  • Retire/restructure existing toxic debt
  • Raise new capital with favorable terms

We work with OTC Markets Pink Sheets that want to become currently reporting under the Alternative Reporting Standard on

This process involves working with management to prepare and review Information and Disclosure Statements as well as past due Quarterly Reports and Annual Reports.

Sometimes Issuers are starting this process after many years of not filing reports with the SEC.  Other times, Issues were once Pink Current, but late reports have caused their status to drop to Pink Yield Sign or Pink Stop Sign, and that is fine.

Many OTC Markets Pink Sheet Issuers were previous SEC filers and have decided to stop posting audited financials, often due to the cost and administrative burden involved.

In these cases, we help these Issuers file SEC Form 15, so that they can then post their financials and disclosures using OTCIQ through the OTC Markets Group.

After reviewing these financials and disclosures, our OTC securities lawyer can issue a legal opinion to which confirms that adequate current information is available to the public.

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